Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bra sizing (should it be universal?)

I wanted to write a post about the bras with universal sizes.

 While I do think it would be a great idea, if there was an agreed consensus, as most of you know there are different sizes, and one size fits all is not always true. I think that it is nice some brands are trying to help their customers find their size, but the problem is usually, universal sized bras mean that they will not offer that much support.

 If I told you a bra can hold from 32A bra size to 38D bra size, wouldn't you be a little skeptical?

Usually, with the universal sizes you are sacrificing some of the support you could have. As much as I love the Coobie bras, if I get more active at work I can feel "bouncing" going on unfortunately, and that is specifically due to the lack of under wire. It can offer a small amount of support but things like walking up and down stairs, running..forget about it. It probably will not feel good.

Which begs the question-Why do bra companies each have a diffrent "measure" of what a 36 Band is? why complicate things? Why do women have to deal with so many different measurements to worry about? Buy a pair of jeans from Old Navy for example, and it will fit you differently from ones at the mall. This means we tend to have to do alot of buying, returning, trying on, etc.

In one brand I can wear a 34 easily, in another it is like being suffocated. Same thing with bra cups. My speculated theory is if one brand fits you really well, then that creates brand loyalty, especially if the price is right.  I know with Natori, it has always fit me better than say Freya so I usually don't buy from them, and perhaps I am missing out. Finding the right bra is very difficult. Over the past year, ive changed sizes probably 3-4 times, and each time it is not easy. I am thankful for A Sophisticated Pair and their help.

So, I wanted to ask the thoughts of my readers. By a universal sizing, I mean a 34D in one brand should be the same in a different brand, or do you enjoy the way things are now? I would love to know my bra size for each bra but each manufacturer has different measurements and ideas of them.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Coobie Bra Reviews

I have undergone some weight fluctuations so currently the 36Ds I have do fit but I seem to be having a bit of growth, so currently I have been using these types of bras, since I want to wait until the weight fluctuations are done before figuring out my bra size again.

I wanted to write a few reviews for the Coobie bras. Pictured from left to right is the Sports bra, the Scoop Neck bra, and the Comfort bra.  Each bra is around 20-25 bucks so the pricing is very reasonable, and they are comfortable. They do offer multiple colors on the Scoop Neck, Sports bra, and Comfort bra. The one thing different from most bras is these come in a few sizes. The regular can hold up to a 36D from what I understand.
From left to right: Coobie Sports bra(purple), Coobie Scoop Neck(black), and the Comfort Bra(grey).

I wanted to review the one pictured in the middle, the Scoop Neck bra first, because I have had the most experience with it. I have found this to be very comfortable. These are great for relaxing or very light type of work *such as cashiering or doing a job with little movement*. I bet these would be really comfortable to sleep in too.  I will say, if I had to pick something to complain about, it would be the support, and the straps themselves. I have had the straps twist on me numerous times at work, and had to do a little adjusting. This is very minor though because these are so comfortable. I would like to see a little bit more support in the bra because at work, I feel there is a little "bouncing" if I get more active, but that is not a huge deal.

The Coobie Scoopneck has removable pads, and removable straps.

My next review is going to be the comfort bra, which is on the right hand side, grey colored, and I will be updating that either tonight or tomorrow.

The comfort bra fit really well, and I felt like it held me up a bit better than the scoopneck. With each bra, since there is no under wire, you may feel a little bounce. These bras are great for relaxing and having an easy day. The comfort bra didn't have strap issues like the other bra did.   I wore the comfort bra all day, and there was never an issue. If I had to pick a favorite of the three, it would be this one.

 The sports bra which is picture in purple, on the left hand side, is supportive, but I also did notice some bounce. I would call it light compression. It did its job, and held up well during my day, although I held back at work a little bit because the support just wasn't there as well.

Thank you for reading my blog and feel free to leave any comments! I love input.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bra Size Diffrences *Photos Included*

Over the past few months, on hiatus, my bra size has changed a bit. Even though I am a bra blogger myself, I get confused about when you bump up a cup size, you go down a band size or vice versa. I had free time today, so I felt like taking pictures, and seeing how much of a diffrence one band size or cup size makes.  Many things can impact bra size changes like hormones, weight gain, diet, activity level, among other things.  These photos compare the sizes 32DD, 34D, and 36D which are size changes for me. As you can see, They look similar but different, the 36D is quite a bit bigger than the 32DD. Interestingly, the 34D is a sister size to the 32DD so that is not much of a jump in size. The 34D to 36D is a big jump in breast volume, and bra band size.  So, despite the 32DD is technically the bigger bra size, the 36D bra holds the most volume.  My band size increased but my cup size stayed the same from the 34D and 36D. Sister sizes means they have the same band and cup measurement (so they are very similar), but a different band or cup size. A 36B bra has a sister size or 34C, if you go up a cup size, go down a band size, or vice versa. Feel free to leave a comment :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Return to the Blog :)

I apologies for the hiatus I have taken, and am now ready to start back up. There will be a shift in focus from mainly sports bras to more regular bras. Right now Natori is fitting best.

Incase anyone was super curious why I dissapeared, the answer is I had been diagnosed with 2 medical things, and its taken me awhile to get back to being interested again. I was diagnosed with I.B.S. and Diverticulosis, which neither are fun but aren't necessarily life threatening.  I am back, and ready to start blogging again. I will also be blogging about some changes in bra size that have been happening. Not sure why yet but I will jump on the scale, and see about finding out soon.

The problem I am facing right now is that I don't really have any newer bras that I haven't reviewed yet, but I would be happy to show pictures of the bras themselves if that interests anyone.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Temporary Hiatus

I know it has been awhile since I have written. I will write again when I feel better, I have some medical things to take care of, but will return when things clear up. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Things I wish lingerie companies would do

Hi again readers, I know it has been awhile since my last post. Today I wanted to share some suggestions with lingerie companies, and fellow readers.

My first suggestion/thing I would love to see lingerie companies do is make universal sizing for all women. What do I mean by that? well a 36D should be a 36D cup in every brand. I would love to be able to say *I am this size* and know exactly which bras to order, and this would eliminate alot of hassle with returns, and other issues. I would also like to have bras that maybe work with the in between size. Nothing is more frightening then a size change, if you dont know what your next size is.

My second suggestion is offer the purchasers/consumers something special. Who wouldnt want a Natori keychain? A Panache waterbottle? It is so silly companies don't pair freebies or something up. Not only does it give the buyer a little extra something special, it also helps advertise as well.

My third, and final suggestion is offering more colors.I see many companies with the standards black, white, and tan, but little other colors. I like my lingerie to be fun to wear and look at, the same old colors tend to get very boring.

I'd love to hear feedback from you, my readers! What do you wish lingerie companies would do?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Enell LITE review.

Hello fellow readers. I wanted to post my review of the Enell lite. This bra is actually really comfortable, and has had pretty good impact on bounce control. In terms of comfort, this feels like the comfortable Natori sports bras that do not fit me anymore, but are wonderful. The only complaints I have with the bra is that there are many hooks which im not used to, so you'll want to give yourself a bit of time to prepare for buttoning them up in the morning. I also wish they had more colors.

Also, it is a bit pricey but well worth it. I genuinely enjoy wearing this bra more than some of my other sports bras frankly, and in terms of comfort and all that, this is a winner. For the price, is it worth it? I will have to give it a bit more thorough test, but since I drive a pick up truck and my ride to work can be described as *bouncy* I did not have a problem with this today, and that was shocking for me.

Support Level-Awesome, seriously. No bra has ever held my breasts in place this well. I am in love with this bra.
Price Tag-Around 80 for the LITE bra.
 Washing/Care-Hand washing is probably best but in a lingerie bag on delicate cycle should be fine too.
Colors/Design-. This is my one other gripe, I loved the Orchid color, but they only had Black, Yellow, Pink, and White I believe. I would have loved the Orchid color but that isn't made. I opted for the black instead.
Complaints-The only complaint besides the colors is it takes a little bit of time to snap up compared to your other sports bras, however this snaps in the front thankfully so its not too bad.I think it has 6-8 hooks to snap up, compared to the normal 3-4. This is actually a good thing though because it means you are getting way better support. 
Comments-This is a new favorite, and blows most of the other sports bras out of the water, if not all.  Rating-5/5